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Friend of the Brand - Bryan Banducci

Diving into Bryan's background, his love for sport, and how our partnership came to be.

  • Words by:: Anna Binkovitz
  • Images by:: Bryan Banducci

We are beginning a series dedicated to friends of Article One. They might be photographers or models we've worked with, designers we admire, or even our own team. First up, is our friend and photographer Bryan Banducci.

Name: Bryan Banducci
What you do? Freelance Photography
Where are you based? NYC and San Francisco
Where we can find you? Find me on instagram @Bryanbanducci or at

Photo by Bryan Banducci

Athletics have always been a part of Bryan Banducci’s life. In high school he swam competitively, and though he stopped competing in college, he was living the San Francisco student life, biking across the city to classes in journalism and photography.

Cycling and photography continued to be twin passions for Bryan, though injuries, and the possibility of an injury interfering with his work, led him to look for other ways to be active. Running became another source of community and joy. With his documentary and journalistic view on his art, it was only natural that he would begin photographing active lifestyle campaigns.

“It was a pretty normal evolution, since this was basically all I did with my free time,”

Photo by Bryan Banducci

He prefers to work on shoots with athletes who truly understand the sport as well as the gear being used. With this avenue of photography, Bryan has found another new sport: capturing athletes mid-activity in a way that fulfills his artistic vision. Behind the camera, you’ll find Bryan biking or running alongside a runner, dangling from ropes for a rock climbing shoot, or hanging from a car to snag the perfect shot of a bicyclist.

Photo by Bryan Banducci

It’s a beautiful thing, to bring personal and professional passions together. Bryan hosts a small bike race in upstate New York with some of his friends, spends his days planning active shoots, and his spare time rehabbing a sprained ankle and returning to running. This kind of authenticity and drive is part of why we love having Bryan shoot our styles.

Photo by Bryan Banducci

Article One’s relationship with Bryan has followed a similar arc as his journey from athlete to photographer: first, Bryan was the subject of an Article One shoot. He loved the glasses, and reconnected with founder Wes Stoody later to begin a new chapter, creating some of our most exciting photographs of Active Suns and Active x Optical styles.

Check out some of Bryan’s work @bryanbanducci and his favorite Article One style, the Hanley.