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Higgins is our most vintage inspired frame to date. This model is so classic it borders on Avant Garde. We chose to elongate the shape and add thickness in order to create a unique and singular design. Along with the unique shape, this model has other unique and handcrafted detailing such as beveling on the brow and rim and thoughtful curvature leading to the end pieces.


54 - 20 - 147

We offer a two year warranty on all of our products. Please consult the full warranty details here.


Article One exists to create heirloom eyewear that becomes part of your story.

Article One frames are handmade in a small village in Northern Italy at the base of the Dolomites. The family-owned factories we work with are experts at what they do. We work to give credit where credit is due by shining a light on the hands that touch each frame. The care put into Article One eyewear results in quality you can feel.

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Why we work with independent optical

At Article One, we believe in the future and importance of independent optical. We only work with independent optical shops for the same reason we work with small, family owned factories - authenticity and connection. It is also the same reason we as customers shop at our local independent retailers of any kind. We care about connecting with the individuals behind the business. We care about the expertise of the propreitor and the community created through local independent businesses.

We are committed to only working with independent optical in a transparent and supportive manner that ensures the success of our partners. If you are not already a retail partner, please reach out.

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