About Us

Article One

Article One is an independent eyewear company based in Flint, Michigan. We produce handcrafted eyewear in Italy with complete brand transparency and a spotlight on the hands that craft our frames. We are proponents of supporting independent optical, giving back to our community, and thoughtful design.

Championing craftsmanship

Article One frames are handmade in a small village in Northern Italy at the base of the Dolomites. The family-owned factory we work with has 12 craftsman who are experts in what they do. We work to give credit where credit is due by shining a light on the hands that touch each frame.

The care put into each frame results in quality you can feel.

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Supporting Small Business

Prescription eyeglasses are a medical device and should be thoroughly customized to ensure the best experience for the wearer. We are not only passionate about supporting small business, we believe it's incredibly important for glasses to work properly, meaning an optical professional should be involved from start to finish.

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Our Cause

Article One was founded to raise awareness and funding for Vitamin A deficiency in developing nations.

Most people are unaware that about 500,000 children globally go blind each year from Vitamin A deficiency, and half of those children die within 12 months as a result of Vitamin A deficiency. Even more astounding, it costs just one dollar for a year’s worth of supplements for one child. That means a one dollar donation to Helen Keller International will ensure at least one child will not die or go blind from vitamin A deficiency.

Article One has donated over $17,000 to Helen Keller International's vitamin A supplementation program thus far.

The Problem

  • Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) is the number one cause of childhood blindness.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that as many as 190 million children, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia, suffer from VAD.
  • Each year, it is estimated that 670,000 children will die from VAD, and 350,000 will go blind.

The Solution

  • Vitamin A supplementation is considered to be the most cost effective solution to any of the worlds health problems
  • The cost of manufacturing and distributing a year’s worth of vitamin A supplements to one child is just $1.
  • Article One is dedicated to supporting Helen Keller International in their efforts to eradicate vitamin A deficiency, and has donated over $17,000 to HKI