Industry Spotlight: A New Series



The optical industry is divided into two camps, independent optical vs. conglomerate-owned. One of those camps is made up of huge umbrella companies housing mass-produced, low-quality labels and selling them at stores they own while accepting vision insurance they control - the other camp are the good guys. 

Independent optical refers to all the handmade frame brands and family-owned optical shops, both working to provide the highest quality product, design, and medical service. 

We love independent optical. We love other brands in the space [like SaltGLCO, and Mykita], we love independent shops [like Eyes on FremontLabrabbit, and Heidi Optics], and we love working with independent optometrists [like Dr. Blake HuttoDr. Bret Provost, and Dr. Laura Miller.] 

We want to share the love with you. We will be highlighting the best of the best in Independent optical in our new blog series: Industry Spotlight. 

Not only is there a lot to love, but there is a lot to learn too. So to kick of our new series, we wanted to give you a run down of some of our favorite blogs and online resources that spread the good word on eye health, style, and optical news. - IntroEyes is on a mission to educate both industry insiders and outsiders about optical healthcare and optometry through really great videos. 

The site is run by a bunch of Drs, so its easy to feel confident in the info they provide. 

Here is a great post highlighting resources for optical professionals


Eyedolatry Blog - Eyedolatry was started in 2011 by Dr. Jennifer Lyerly in order to share advice for personal growth as well as the newest trends in patient care. This blog is a great read as well as a great resource for any practicing OD. 


Defocus Media - Defocus Media launched in 2016 as a great resource for optometrists trying to gain traction on social media. While this blog is definitely more industry focused, their podcast is honestly one of our favorite to listen to. They also recently interviewed our founder, Wes, listen to that here