A Case for Transition Lenses

Transition Lenses Article One


Transition lenses have often been talked about in the same breath as Crocs, fanny packs, and wearing socks with sandals - reserved for tourists and your dad. But fashion never says never and 2016 brought us Crocs on the runway during fashion week, Forbes announcing "Fanny Packs are Back", and Teva and Opening Ceremony making socks with sandals undoubtedly cool. Enter Transition lenses. 


First, the lenses aren't the same ones you saw 10 years ago. Old issues that turned many glasses-wearers off, like slow color change and a slight tint at all times, are non-existent in the new technology. Plus the added protection is undeniable. 


Eyes are like skin in that they need to be protected from UV rays. Though style and comfort are often motivating factors in wearing sunglasses, eye-health is the #1 reason to invest in good lenses. Transition lenses automatically darken depending upon the amount of UV radiation present, protecting your eyes from harmful rays. 


The other issue many have with Transition lenses is the rarity of an optical frame that also looks good as a sunglass. Typically optical frames run much smaller in lens size than sunglasses, and an optical frame with dark lenses can trend towards dorky. With that in mind, we rounded up our favorite crossover shapes that were designed specifically to look good as both optical and sun. 


Go forth and Transition.